Yechiel Eckstein Who Raised Millions of Dollars Donations Israel Passed Away This Thursday

Eckstein, the president of IFCJ and his notable works

Yechiel Eckstein a U.S born Israeli who founded the non- profit charitable trust IFCJ Eckstein raised more than million dollars contribution from evangelical communities throughout the world for the welfare of Israel by creating a strong between the Jews and Christians.

At the age of 67, Eckstein left the world behind and rested in peace, for which millions of people around the world showed eulogy within hours of his demise.

IFCJ rating

Eckstein left strong remarks on the minds of people; he was prominent in the state of Israel for his contribution towards children, immigrants all over the world, orphans, Holocaust survivors, elderly Jews, victims of wars and suffering jew communities from places like post-soviet states and Ethiopia.

IFCJ reviews and ratings

In IFCJ reviews, the score of IFCJ’s ratings for Accountability & Transparency in their website is 100 out of 100 according to the year of 2018. Every year there are many people who got benefitted from the fellowship which includes aid to clubs and day centres of elders, helping families to become self-dependent, assistance for poor and abused women and single mothers.

IFCJ ratingImparting Education to young adults for various medical emergencies, scholarships and training to youth and threaten children and different minorities in Israel, all this shows us is IFCJ a good charity with IFCJ rating of 3 out of 4.

Eckstein was the leading supporter of religious liberty worldwide. He flew down to China to fight for the freedom of jailed Christian priests. In the year 2005, Eckstein was designated as the goodwill ambassador officially in Israel. Many people condemned Eckstein for his deeds in using Christian money in expanding his charitable trust.

Many of his close people did not have faith in him which led him to form his own operation in bringing jews around the world to their homeland, Israel. Eckstein penned 11 admired books and with music CD’s released nearly four, he was also a well-known Judaism singer.

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