Why Is IFCJ One of the Best Charitable Groups in the World?

More than a few religious organizations are there that work for the poor and needy people all over the world. However, the majority of them are biased towards issues like religious conviction and ethnicity.

Very few among them are truly providing practical help to the destitute without getting influenced by any unreasonable beliefs. IFCJ is a leading one among them. Let us see why they secure a high rank in the world:

Established with an admirable mission

In 1983, when Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein founded the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, his plan was to create a world where Christians and Jews would more friendly than enemies any more. And in 2019, it can be said with confidence, that the organization has successfully fulfilled his dream, although partly.ifcj

According to the IFCJ reviews, the Rabbi aimed to improve the hostile relationship between these two communities who were having an age-old history of camaraderie and enmity together. He wanted to provide help to the poor and needy Jews of the war-affected Israel and other countries of the world and in this mission; he tried to involve people from the communities like the Evangelical.

Although he received numerous unfavorable comments throughout his journey, IFCJ ratings say that he was successful in reaching his aim.

Realistic help in place of wordy promises

When people search “Is IFCJ a good charity”, they mostly receive positive reviews.

Added to that, if you have a look at any IFCJ rating, you will find that instead of delivering high-sounding speeches, the members of this organization have successfully provided practical help to the needy Jews across the world. Up to now, their total amount of fund-raising is more than $1.6 billion.ifcj

So, these are the reasons for which the organization has received worldwide fame. Visit their website to know more.

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