Weighing Pros & Cons of E-cigarettes from Health Safety Perspective

With findings of new research studies, people’s opinion about e-cigaretter have changed. This way to replace conventional cigarette smoking emerged as the safest method to inhale nicotine or non-nicotine vapors, but soon this thinking was changed. We lack accurate information on the subject because research is still in progress. There

Ecigaret Land

are many facts to reveal as yet and future will bring more opinions about use of e-cigarettes. There is a plenty of wealth at stake in e-cigarette manufacturing and distribution, and this industry has captured larger chunk of the profits of smoking industry. Public health professionals have a concern whether this way of inhaling flavored vapors is really going to help smokers or not.

Pros & cons of e-cigarettes from health’s perspective

You need to weigh pros and cons of Ecigaret Land use from the perspective of health before making a kick start. On positive side, there are fewer health risks compared to conventional smoking and this is undeniably a safer option for Ecigaret Landthose who are willing to quit smoking. This is also the good way to avoid tobacco use and thus preventing ill-effects of nicotine. This non-smoking method prevents spread of lung cancer, but you may not avoid other adverse health issues.

On negative side, there’s a risk of toxicity, though quite less compared to conventional smoking. The aerosol in e-væske of e-cigarettes emit less toxic material which is not bad for second and third-hand smokers. The aerosol is addictive, and there’s increased risk of burn and other accidents that may result due to mishandling of electric chargers. Limited long-term data are available on health and safety of electronic cigarette devices, but there are surely more harms associated with their use.


The comparison between pros and cons from health safety perspective provides the understanding that electronic cigarette devices are not as good as used to be. The users must take a caution and ensure that no specific health issue arise when adhering to its long-term use.

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