Types of valves and which is the best?

When you are diagnosed with a heart problem and it points to a problem in the valve it can be treated with medication. However, when medicines do not provide the expected results, the faulty heart valve has got be repaired or replaced entirely through surgeryroberto casula

 Heart valve replacement surgery

 When you consult a surgeon for valve repair or replacement the cardiac surgeon with vast experience like robert casula would probably be faced  with two important decisions to make.

  • The type of surgery required
  • The type of valve to be used

Once the right decision arrives at regarding the two, you as a patient can be assured of excellent long-term results that would make you wonder if you really had any problem. That is the wonder of choosing the right cardiac surgeon to attend to your problem.

Types of valves  for replacement and their choice

There are two types of valves that can be used for replacement. It includes

  • Mechanical valves– This refers to valves made of carbon and metal. Cardiac surgeons like robert casula consider mechanical valves as best for those who are quite young because these valves last 20- 30 years from the day it is placed and would not require further surgeries till then. It is preferred also for patients with overactive parathyroid levels that are affecting the calcium level in the blood.roberto casula
  • Biological valves–  These valves last for about 10-15 years and replacement surgery at that point would be a necessity.  these valves are actually bioprosthetic valves that come from cows or pigs. Expert surgeons like robert casula use it without second thoughts for patients  who are
    • over 65 years of age
    • for those who have kidney diseases
    • for emergency replacement in case of pregnant women
    • for those who have a recreational sport or hobby that might increase the chance of bleeding.

However, choosing the right surgeon would eliminate all worries and help in healing fast.

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