Titanium: High-performing Metal for Tubing-based Applications

Titanium is one of the naturally occurring chemical elements on the Earth which was discovered in 1791 by the clergyman and amateur geologist, William Gregor in 1791, but its great potential for multiple applications was not known at that time.

Titanium is better over steel

Titanium has unique physical properties which makes it a superior metal over other metals, as far as its applications are concerned. Titanium is considered better option over steel in many applications due to its low density and high strength that makes it light in weight compared to steel, but as strong as steel. Moreover, its resistance to corrosion in aqua regia, sea water and chlorine is another factor which makes this metal suitable for multiple applications. Titanium has found its place in many industrial, manufacturing, medical, military and aerospace sectors.

Titanium tubing

Titanium: Better option for high-quality tubing

Titanium is a better option for high-quality tubing products. Its tensile strength is far better than that of austenitic or ferritic stainless steel even at a density which is 60 percent of steel or its nickel-based alloys. This offers the advantage of significantly lower weight. The tubes produced from titanium are lighter in weight. Steel is highly corrosive, but its resistance to corrosiveness against aqua regia, sea water and chlorine makes it suitable for applications that come in contact with water. Tube is one significant example of water-based applications. This metal has heat resistance also and has good heat transfer properties. It is non-magnetic and its melting point is higher than that of steel alloys.

Titanium tubing is best form for most applications

This metal is, thus, suitable in most environments and from every perspective. Titanium tubing is the best form of this metal as far as its applicability is concerned. There is no comparison of strength, toughness, and high melting point to consider titanium as high-performance metal for tubing. The high- performance titanium tubing is best for subsea equipment, offshore drilling rig components, marine and chemical processing plants, aircraft hydraulic systems, and medical implants.

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