The Tradition behind Class Ring Ceremonies

Class rings also known as grad rings are primarily worn by the alumni or graduate students to commemorate their graduation. The United States Naval academy class ring is presented to the naval students to symbolize the completion of their Naval Academy diploma. Although the naval school started ages ago, in the late 1800s yet the class ring ceremony came into existence after 24 years of their school foundation.

For decades, students purchased their rings on their campus. Since class rings were made of only gold at those times, the students and their families have to save money to enjoy this kind of souvenir.  When the naval students get the naval academy class ring, they become a symbol of honor, faithfulness, and fidelity to responsibilities in keeping with the highest traditions of naval service. Naval class rings are usually designed by Class ring and crest committee.


Who are eligible for wearing this prestigious class rings?

Navy class ring is presented only to the students who have successfully completed their course study. However, for the non-graduates who have failed to complete the course are not allowed to retain the class rings. Also, for the students who have transferred to a different major, the existing rings are sent back to the manufacturer and the new rings are manufactured for the new class. The main objective of the class ring is to reflect the individual’s personality. Based on the class ring, one can make out which class does he belong to.

In some instances, if the midshipman is deceased then his immediate family members are eligible to wear this honorable class rings from the naval academy.

Bottom Line

In the last few decades, the importance of ring ceremonies has greatly increased and the class ring ceremony is celebrated with extravaganza.

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