The Journey of Career Success of Blake Orlandi

The subscription business model is a type of model in which a customer must pay a recurring price at regular intervals for access to a product or service. This model was designed sometimes in the past, but incessantly progressed in modern time. The new needs of modern businesses have emerged, and modern business practices have changed. Modern big businesses depend more on artificial intelligence than human intelligence, but importance of human intelligence cannot be denied. The example is Blake Orlandi, a key person in Book of the Month Club which is subscription commerce organization.

Relation of Book of the Month Club’s success with Blake

Book of the Month Club has completed 93 years of its existence, but its period of existence is viewed in two parts: long period of around 88 years after its founding (1926 till early 2015), and period of less than 4 years after relaunch (late 2015 till date). If you compare the progress achieved during launch and relaunch periods, the latter has quite stronger impact. Match this success with joining of Blake Orlandi as COO of Book of the Month Club in September 2015. The tremendous success has been achieved after association of Blake with the Club and he is apparently the man behind this remarkable success.

Blake’s experience and its contribution in the Club’s success

It would be inappropriate to say that whole credit of the Club’s success goes to Blake Orlandi, but his role is great to lead his team. The way Blake led his team is really commendable because success always comes from good motivation. Blake did a great job in motivating his teammates. His own knowledge and expertise in business marketing made him a good leader. His past experience as Consultant (Strategy & Operations) in Deloitte Consulting, Director (Acquisitions & Business Development) in Evergreen Copyrights, and Chief Operating Officer in Bookspan, LLC is the real value of the position Blake is holding at Book of the Month Club.





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