The IFCJ Ratings Help The Fellowship Program To Maintain A Clean Image

The birth and purpose of IFCJ: 

The International Fellowship for Christian and Jews is one of the leading names when it comes to assisting the people of the Jewish community. The IFCJ began its journey under the leadership of Rabbi Epstein a few decades back, and now it is one of the reputed organizations. IFCJ ratingsThe primary goal of the organization apart from helping the Jews was to bring the Christian and Jewish community closer than it was previously.

The role played by IFCJ to bridge the gap:

The two communities had a history of mistrust between them embedded in their sole and the program significantly helped to bridge the gap between a Christian and a Jew. Due to a large number of reported cases of forgery and money laundering, leading charitable houses started auditing their books regularly to steer themselves away from such controversy as the primary source of their money is either generous donation from wealthy people or cash generated from fundraisers.

 The IFCJ ratings of the organization over the year maintained a steady graph as they now get regarded as one of the cleanest and well run charitable houses across the globe.  The review provided by leading auditor like Charity Navigator and BBB stated that out of every dollar donated, IFCJ uses sixty-six cents for charity and the rest gets to spend on organizing fundraisers and paying off the salary of the workers.

The impact of positive ratings and reviews:

IFCJ ratingsThe IFCJ ratings provided helped both parties significantly as the organization can claim to be free from any corruption while on the other hand, the donators can feel secure about their donations. As the fundraisers are an essential aspect of any charitable trust, the goodwill in the society helps the organization to generate more funds for different projects across the globe.

 The IFCJ ratings, and report from different auditor stated that the fellowship massively depends on the donation as their consolidated fund is good enough to run the fellowship for a handful days.

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