Take Pride in Wearing the US Naval Academy Class Ring

Obedience is strictly observed:

 Discipline and dedication plays an important role on the part of the students who graduated from the US Naval Academy. The guidelines stated below strictly explain by governing the rights on the part of the students to achieve the navy class ring.

  • Midshipmen who are unable to obtain a diploma and those who have been not marked as graduates don’t deserve the ring. To be more precise their disqualification makes them not capable of wearing the naval class ring.
  • Again if a student’s class is somehow changed for some reasons he will have to return the class ring. Actually he has been turned back. So he will have to get the ring of the new class. For that he will have to contact the manufacturer of the class ring. Then he will be given the new class ring.
  • Miniatures are brought through the manufacturer with whom contract has been made so that the ring can be returned at the fixed price.naval academy class ring

All contract on the part of us naval academy class ring will bear a particular provision that the maker of the class ring will have to follow certain rules.

  • The manufacturer can only issue the ring on the orders of a representative of accredited or qualified class.
  • He should accept the class ring along with the miniature. He should also repay the payment according to the contract. It should be borne in mind that any midshipman is incapable of retaining the ring prior to his graduation.
  • The family of any late student(who have passed away) may hold the ring.naval academy class ring

How to wear the ring:

After completion of the ‘2/C’ year students wear the ring thereby performing a ‘Ring Dance’. It is the tradition of the US Naval Academy. The US Naval Academy class ring is also known as usna class ring. A student should wear the ring in the third finger of his left hand.

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