Proceeding with ETA Application on the Australian Government Website

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) provides authorization to travel to and enter Australia and is electronically linked to your passport, but most people are not aware of the benefits of this travel document. ETA is more beneficial compared to visa in many aspects, but complete knowledge is required to understand in what conditions a traveler may be issued this travel document.

ETA: A simple solution to travel to Australia don’t need to visit to your travel agent and pay his fee for issuance of this document because there is no tough procedural requirements and no long documentation to apply for this passport. All you need is your passport of the qualifying country and filling of simple application, matching your details exactly printed on your passport. You also don’t need to pay high fee like that for issuance of visa, and not much time is needed to get this document issued. This is a simple solution to Australia travel with a simple travel document.

Where to approach for Australia ETA application

Before you proceed to apply online for Australia ETA, it’s important to know where you should approach. should visit on the website for all your ETA needs such as eligibility, queries and doubts, and online application filing. This is an Australian Government website specifically developed to facilitate prospective ETA applicants. This website is a single key to unlock all ETA locks (troubles).

Proceeding with Australia ETA application

If you have intended to apply for Australian ETA, you should have your passport and credit/debit card ready (for payment of AUD 20 service fee) before you start making your application on the website

You can check an ETA eligibility here, create and save your application, modify and resume your saved application, and apply for an ETA online. The important information on your passport needed for ETA purpose is passport number, country of issue, your nationality, your family and given name, date of issue and expiry of passport, and passport issuing authority.

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