Prejudice needs to be eliminated

As far as mental procedure of people are concerned, there can be several leakages of goodness from their mind, and injections of bad attitude in the mind as well. For people who take deep interest in judging the society, it is quite detrimental to their growth processes, when they take active part in the judgmental tasks.


A person is surely not good to judge society on his own, for the simple fact that accommodation of several religions groups, caste groups and groups formed on different basis is as much ethical as it can be, and a single person can be never supreme enough to represent the rights of all communities on his very own. Therefore, the social norms are prepared and taken under serious consideration only when all groups have their representatives engaged in the decision making process. However, as it turns out to be, social norms are being based on the evils of prejudice, without even caring enough to see the picture hidden behind the superficial facts.IFCJ

IFCJ understands this loophole in the understanding process of the society, and has sworn to restore the reputation and status of Jewish people in the society. After some centuries of serious discrimination targeted at the Jewish community, their people have been forced to think of themselves as the most backward groups. But it is quite absurd, for there is Unity in Diversity. ‘Is IFCJ a good charity’: gets addressed as soon as the IFCJ ratings are looked upon. The tasks performed to bring the status of people up are quite superb as all of the medical facilities, accommodation facilities and other ones are readily available for the Jews who often faced criticism and discrimination from Christian fellows. Therefore, IFCJ reviews speak a lot for the IFCJ, and make the organization a great achiever.

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