Prejudice needs to be eliminated

As far as mental procedure of people are concerned, there can be several leakages of goodness from their mind, and injections of bad attitude in the mind as well. For people who take deep interest in judging the society, it is quite detrimental to their growth processes, when they take active part in the judgmental tasks.


A person is surely not good to judge society on his own, for the simple fact that accommodation of several religions groups, caste groups and groups formed on different basis is as much ethical as it can be, and a single person can be never supreme enough to represent the rights of all communities on his very own. Therefore, the social norms are prepared and taken under serious consideration only when all groups have their representatives engaged in the decision making process. However, as it turns out to be, social norms are being based on the evils of prejudice, without even caring enough to see the picture hidden behind the superficial facts.IFCJ

IFCJ understands this loophole in the understanding process of the society, and has sworn to restore the reputation and status of Jewish people in the society. After some centuries of serious discrimination targeted at the Jewish community, their people have been forced to think of themselves as the most backward groups. But it is quite absurd, for there is Unity in Diversity. ‘Is IFCJ a good charity’: gets addressed as soon as the IFCJ ratings are looked upon. The tasks performed to bring the status of people up are quite superb as all of the medical facilities, accommodation facilities and other ones are readily available for the Jews who often faced criticism and discrimination from Christian fellows. Therefore, IFCJ reviews speak a lot for the IFCJ, and make the organization a great achiever.

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Good IFCJ Ratings will help the Organization Avoid Negative Publicity

The IFCJ or International Fellowship of Christian and Jews are one of the best charity firms working across the globe which helps in improvement of the condition of the Jews around the world. The fellowship program is the brainchild of Rabbi Epstein who wanted to help his community.

IFCJThe program helps in improving the interrelationship between Christian and Jews. Apart from that, they provide financial assistance to Jewish people who have survived holocaust and needs help. They also have a program dedicated to bringing the Jews from the Soviet Union to Israel. After reading all their achievements if people still have questions like Is IFCJ a good charity or not; measures have been taken to nullify that.

The work done by assessing firms:

The IFCJ reviews provided by different third-party assessment firm states in their report that they are one of the best when it comes to running non-profitable organizations.

The IFCJ rating provided by assessing firms like CIC and BBB spoke highly of their internal structure in place. The funds they generate from various fundraisers are mostly used in different projects they are currently financing. AIFCJ detailed report from CIC stated that sixty-eight cents of every one dollar donation gets used in a good cause.

The reserve of cash they have in their treasury is not sufficient enough to run the program for a long time. The rest remain reserved for organizing fundraisers and paying off wages to their workers. The IFCJ ratings from BBB and Charity Navigator rated them a whopping eighty-one out of one hundred which some people can consider as an excellent rating.

The controversies associated with IFCJ:

In spite of all their excellent work, the fellowship brushed itself with several reports of money laundering scheme though none of those claims were substantial enough to take any actions. The reviews by these assessing firms helped the program’s cause of remaining clean in people’s eye.

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Why Is IFCJ One of the Best Charitable Groups in the World?

More than a few religious organizations are there that work for the poor and needy people all over the world. However, the majority of them are biased towards issues like religious conviction and ethnicity.

Very few among them are truly providing practical help to the destitute without getting influenced by any unreasonable beliefs. IFCJ is a leading one among them. Let us see why they secure a high rank in the world:

Established with an admirable mission

In 1983, when Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein founded the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, his plan was to create a world where Christians and Jews would more friendly than enemies any more. And in 2019, it can be said with confidence, that the organization has successfully fulfilled his dream, although partly.ifcj

According to the IFCJ reviews, the Rabbi aimed to improve the hostile relationship between these two communities who were having an age-old history of camaraderie and enmity together. He wanted to provide help to the poor and needy Jews of the war-affected Israel and other countries of the world and in this mission; he tried to involve people from the communities like the Evangelical.

Although he received numerous unfavorable comments throughout his journey, IFCJ ratings say that he was successful in reaching his aim.

Realistic help in place of wordy promises

When people search “Is IFCJ a good charity”, they mostly receive positive reviews.

Added to that, if you have a look at any IFCJ rating, you will find that instead of delivering high-sounding speeches, the members of this organization have successfully provided practical help to the needy Jews across the world. Up to now, their total amount of fund-raising is more than $1.6 billion.ifcj

So, these are the reasons for which the organization has received worldwide fame. Visit their website to know more.

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All you need to know about International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

About International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ)

The International Fellowship of Christians Jews was built to make understanding and social well-being between the Jews and the Christians. The IFCJ got its support from Israel. The IFCJ was founded and developed by Rabbi Yechiel Z. Eckstein (1951-2019) in the year 1983.


The main motive was to harmonize the relations between the Christians and the Jews and to bring social and economic equality and brotherhood among them. The IFCJ reviews are really good since it has succeeded in helping thoudsands of Jews who were helpless, debarred from all sort of social matters and harassed. The IFCJ found new homes to the needy Jews and provided assistance to millions of Jews in Israel and all throughout the world.

The positive IFCJ ratings is all due to the founder, Rabbi Yechiel Z. Eckstein and the fellow other members who worked hard day and night to bring the Jews and Christians together. People were happy after IFCJ had done and till now the IFCJ ratings has been growing everyday ever since.

The Annual Report of IFCJ 2017

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews have successfully been into depths of matters relating to finance, social programs and meetings and solved huge number of problems and each of their financial work proceedings is filed under the IFCJ Annual Report.



Now after reading all the factual details and reports one can answer the question that “Is IFCJ a good charity?” The enormously large helping hand of the IFCJ has helped a huge number of Jews in Israel and saved hundreds and thousands of lives in Israel and  all throughout the world. Rabbi Yechiel Z. Eckstein devoted his entire life in IFCJ. He dreamt of a world free of hatred and full of love and brotherhood which was made possible by the IFCJ.

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Interesting facts unknown about Roberto Casula


Roberto Casula is a renowned cardiothoracic surgery consultant. He has degrees like FRCS, MD and FETCS. He earned his degrees from Medical school and university of Padova.  This college is located in Italy since the year 1989. After getting his degrees from here he began his training in thoracic organs and cardiothoracic surgery thus achieving the degree of a cardiothoracic surgery consultant He holds an important post at the Imperial College and Healthcare NHS trust in London situated at a prime location in United Kingdom. He has been working in this place with the same designation of a cardiothoracic consultant for nearly 10 years. He has a huge experience in this field and has dealt with several critical cases in his past for all these years. He has the entire required license as per the rules set by the concerned legal department in order to carry out his work as a consultant. He maintains all the necessary registration processes that is legal in the state. 4003801 is the G.M.C number of Roberto Casula.roberto casula

Final word

According to the research done by Roberto Casula and the results declared by him the robotic uses in cardiac treatment enhances the procedure of treatment and provide highly satisfactory results. Moreover it does not have many side effects and hence can be used for treatment. roberto casulaHe also says that this type of treatment has ample other benefits for example there is a small scar visible after this treatment, there is very less pain or even no pain experienced in many cases, chances of getting infection affected after an operation is also quite less. He treats a huge number of patients every day and his patients are highly satisfied with the quality of treatment and medical service they receive from him.

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Types of valves and which is the best?

When you are diagnosed with a heart problem and it points to a problem in the valve it can be treated with medication. However, when medicines do not provide the expected results, the faulty heart valve has got be repaired or replaced entirely through surgeryroberto casula

 Heart valve replacement surgery

 When you consult a surgeon for valve repair or replacement the cardiac surgeon with vast experience like robert casula would probably be faced  with two important decisions to make.

  • The type of surgery required
  • The type of valve to be used

Once the right decision arrives at regarding the two, you as a patient can be assured of excellent long-term results that would make you wonder if you really had any problem. That is the wonder of choosing the right cardiac surgeon to attend to your problem.

Types of valves  for replacement and their choice

There are two types of valves that can be used for replacement. It includes

  • Mechanical valves– This refers to valves made of carbon and metal. Cardiac surgeons like robert casula consider mechanical valves as best for those who are quite young because these valves last 20- 30 years from the day it is placed and would not require further surgeries till then. It is preferred also for patients with overactive parathyroid levels that are affecting the calcium level in the blood.roberto casula
  • Biological valves–  These valves last for about 10-15 years and replacement surgery at that point would be a necessity.  these valves are actually bioprosthetic valves that come from cows or pigs. Expert surgeons like robert casula use it without second thoughts for patients  who are
    • over 65 years of age
    • for those who have kidney diseases
    • for emergency replacement in case of pregnant women
    • for those who have a recreational sport or hobby that might increase the chance of bleeding.

However, choosing the right surgeon would eliminate all worries and help in healing fast.

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All You Need To About Roberto Casula

Well, this article will describe to you about one of the famous personality that is Roberto Casula. So, make sure to read this article till the end so that you do not miss out any details about him. At present Roberto is appointed in the open innovation and corporate venture at ENI. Roberto born in the year 1962 in Cagliari, he graduated in mining engineering and after that he joined Eni in the year 1988 in the post of reservoir engineer.roberto casula

His working principle

During the initial stages of his career he used to work in Italian oil fields and after that he moved to western Africa for the post of chief development engineer. After working there for several numbers of years he again returned to Italy as a coordinator of business development for Africa.

His position at eni

After he returned to Italy he did some serious work with Eni and has an immense contribution to company growth. In between2004 and 2005 he held several managerial positions and was also appointed as the CEO at his late stages. In 2005 he became the managing director of the company.

Senior vice president

After spending 2 years as a managing director for Eni Company, he was appointed as the senior vice president of the company.  He spent 4years on that position after that he was appointed as the executive vice president of the company.roberto casula

In between 2014 to 2018, he was promoted to chief development, operation and technology and has got huge appreciation from the people for taking the company to the next level.

Hope you have understood the story of Roberto Casula eni; he is one of the most famous personality who did struggle during his initial phases of life. If you have gone through the above article you will know what the position he served in Eni Company was.

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A group of talented and experienced technicians

A group of men is always formed keeping in mind the compatible ideas of one another. A college group is possible only when the ideas of the mates match with one another’s, and therefore, the groups have something in common, movilcrackwith respect to type and style of work, and the ideologies as well. A group at work might be typical to understand, but the easiest way to understand the complexity is to comprehend their basic ideas and meanings of work. People at work would love to have common working techniques, with men who get a match of the same skills, and do the work in a much similar way. Therefore, at the offices of movil crack, it is easy to find people who are matching in skills and work absolutely in a similar way.

The sense of similar work is essentially the perfection what they do achieve with their collaborative work culture. At movilcrack, a center where all mobile phones find their replaced parts and better operative assistances, movilcrackthe workers are absolutely brilliant and wonderful with their work approach. They have formed their group keeping in their own mind the matching skills, a vastly experienced past in the same field, and so many satisfying and happy customer reviews. Therefore, this kind of group is not only beneficial to the portals of, but also for the customers who look for some centers that can get their mobile phones repaired in whatever sense these are damaged. Hence, if a person develops some fault in his mobile phone, then he must look ahead to get it repaired at the centers of movilcrack, by looking into the portal of Therefore, it is a group of talented and experienced men who have made their way to a common workplace, giving ultimate sense of satisfaction to customers.

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Weighing Pros & Cons of E-cigarettes from Health Safety Perspective

With findings of new research studies, people’s opinion about e-cigaretter have changed. This way to replace conventional cigarette smoking emerged as the safest method to inhale nicotine or non-nicotine vapors, but soon this thinking was changed. We lack accurate information on the subject because research is still in progress. There

Ecigaret Land

are many facts to reveal as yet and future will bring more opinions about use of e-cigarettes. There is a plenty of wealth at stake in e-cigarette manufacturing and distribution, and this industry has captured larger chunk of the profits of smoking industry. Public health professionals have a concern whether this way of inhaling flavored vapors is really going to help smokers or not.

Pros & cons of e-cigarettes from health’s perspective

You need to weigh pros and cons of Ecigaret Land use from the perspective of health before making a kick start. On positive side, there are fewer health risks compared to conventional smoking and this is undeniably a safer option for Ecigaret Landthose who are willing to quit smoking. This is also the good way to avoid tobacco use and thus preventing ill-effects of nicotine. This non-smoking method prevents spread of lung cancer, but you may not avoid other adverse health issues.

On negative side, there’s a risk of toxicity, though quite less compared to conventional smoking. The aerosol in e-væske of e-cigarettes emit less toxic material which is not bad for second and third-hand smokers. The aerosol is addictive, and there’s increased risk of burn and other accidents that may result due to mishandling of electric chargers. Limited long-term data are available on health and safety of electronic cigarette devices, but there are surely more harms associated with their use.


The comparison between pros and cons from health safety perspective provides the understanding that electronic cigarette devices are not as good as used to be. The users must take a caution and ensure that no specific health issue arise when adhering to its long-term use.

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What Are Good Supplements & Why They Sell Hot

The contemporary scenario of pharmacies or health stores is quite different compared to the past. People used to visit these stores to buy medications or health tonics recommended by their doctor. The shelves of these stores have a different scene in the present. You may find the shelves decorated with lucratively labeled health food products to which we refer as nutritional or dietary supplements. national nutritionThe sales of these supplements have skyrocketed in the contemporary time. You may have an overwhelming experience of visiting to a health food store or you can rather visit an online supplement store such as National Nutrition.

What’s behind huge sales of supplements

The truth behind multibillion-dollar dietary and nutritional supplement industry is that modern generation has more craving for supplement than for natural foods. The fact is that there’s nothing like natural or whole foods, but people have craze of supplements due to its emerging trend. The marketers publish appealing benefits of nutritional supplements and lure people to buy them. This is their business and they generate massive revenue by luring people, but what you gain in this deal?

What’s a supplement?

Most people go by brand to buy a supplement. They may not have a valid reason to buy, but they think that a reputed brand will surely offer some benefit to their body.national nutrition GlucoSmart is a reputed brand, but its benefits cannot be availed by every individual. Most commonly used supplements are intended to supplement the diet, and thus labeled as dietary supplements. These supplements are usually intended for oral consumption and contain one or more ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, or their constituents.

What’s a good supplement

There are no regulations to manufacture and distribute supplements, but FDA rules good manufacturing practices of producing and selling quality non-contaminated supplements, the packages of which are accurately labeled. Supplements Canada have at least guarantee of products that follow FDA’s recommendations.

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Take Pride in Wearing the US Naval Academy Class Ring

Obedience is strictly observed:

 Discipline and dedication plays an important role on the part of the students who graduated from the US Naval Academy. The guidelines stated below strictly explain by governing the rights on the part of the students to achieve the navy class ring.

  • Midshipmen who are unable to obtain a diploma and those who have been not marked as graduates don’t deserve the ring. To be more precise their disqualification makes them not capable of wearing the naval class ring.
  • Again if a student’s class is somehow changed for some reasons he will have to return the class ring. Actually he has been turned back. So he will have to get the ring of the new class. For that he will have to contact the manufacturer of the class ring. Then he will be given the new class ring.
  • Miniatures are brought through the manufacturer with whom contract has been made so that the ring can be returned at the fixed price.naval academy class ring

All contract on the part of us naval academy class ring will bear a particular provision that the maker of the class ring will have to follow certain rules.

  • The manufacturer can only issue the ring on the orders of a representative of accredited or qualified class.
  • He should accept the class ring along with the miniature. He should also repay the payment according to the contract. It should be borne in mind that any midshipman is incapable of retaining the ring prior to his graduation.
  • The family of any late student(who have passed away) may hold the ring.naval academy class ring

How to wear the ring:

After completion of the ‘2/C’ year students wear the ring thereby performing a ‘Ring Dance’. It is the tradition of the US Naval Academy. The US Naval Academy class ring is also known as usna class ring. A student should wear the ring in the third finger of his left hand.

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The happy dilemma for a punter

A punter is always faced with some choices coming across his minds. Whether to add more money into the online wallet, or not. These decisions are quite interesting for the person in particular, for it is just kind of investment proposals of which he has to take care of. situs bola onlineThe investment is surely an opportunity to count upon the additional income lying idle, that can otherwise be pretty much useful for the person. Therefore, it is a big question of investment for the gambler, as his investment can make him rich in just a very short span of time, and can even take away the idle money for nothing.

However, whenever he comes across a beautiful bunch of Situs bola Online, he gets bamboozled by the choices he has to make. The offers are infinite, and to make a good decision becomes the most difficult task for the person in particular. The entry fees, which features with more than 15 percent discounts always serves as a bait, which is fruitful, of course. Those who enter into the leagues might find it a bit difficult to concentrate, for the very next league option seems equally fruitful to them. Therefore, this is the kind of another dilemma that troubles a person for being on the happy side of it.situs bola online Agen Judi Bola can be trusted upon for it has got secured network connection and software with which it provides a great framework to engage into gameplays. Therefore, the happy dilemma is always encountered on the Situs Bola Online, that is known to add more and more balance into the online wallet of people who register themselves up with it. Therefore, every one indulges into the online games of poker and receive the benefits arising out of it as well.

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Garcinia Cambogia weight loss pills

Diet pills

            People in current times have been conscious about their weight. The heavy weight is due to the lack of exercise in daily routine and junk food habits. It has led to people being overweight or having belly fats. In women cases, due to pregnancies they have belly fat and everyone has the dream to have a zero figure and no belly fats. celebrity diet pillsThere are number of weight loss programs which are available in the market and the people crazy about weight loss try out each program. Some of the programs are scam and some causes side effects to people.

            An effective celebrity diet pills are available in the market which ensures the weight loss. Garcinia cambogia diet is becoming popular amongst people in world. It is said that it helps in losing 23 lbs in just 1 month of time without any side. Number of reporters has created reports stating the effectiveness of the product. People who have heard about it are still confused and shocked about the way to use it. celebrity diet pillsThe celebrity weight loss pills are explained to work by brooding the glucose, sugar and fats in the body. The fats mainly in liver is been destroyed first. Then it slows the sugar releases in the blood stream.

How do celebrity pills work?

            When your body does not build up sugar in blood stream, there is no fat building in your body as the sugar gets converted into fat. When both are combined, you get the effected which is synergistic and it usually burns fat and stops the fat. This Jenifer Hudson weight loss programs is effective, natural and safe as well. It is stated that it has no side effects and works perfectly fine with any kind of person.

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Know Important Things About Kroger Feedback Survey

Kroger, a leading supermarket chain of stores in North America, is a popular name among American natives. Every day needs and groceries are important part of life and substantial amount of a family budget is spent on these essential needs. Everyone wants savings on the consumer products needed for everyday use. Thus, average class people usually select stores where they can make their shopping on affordable price. In United States, Walmart is a popular name, but Kroger is one competitive supermarket in this country, having chain of stores covering nearly 50% of North America. There are reasons to shop on Kroger store. These stores offer lot of discounts and deals on various products, and buying in bulk.

Take your time in Kroger feedback survey

You may be skipping the additional advantage of shopping on Kroger store, if you’re not aware of Kroger feedback survey. This survey has been designed by Kroger to know what its customers think about Kroger products and service. Thus, this is an online customer satisfaction survey which takes not more than 15 minutes on Kroger’s survey link You can visit this link, enter your entry ID, contact details, use date and time to start the survey.


What is Kroger survey and why to participate?

The survey takes your time but offers a chance to get rewards from participation. The survey will start with information related to your last visit to Kroger store proceeded with first question on your focused purchase department. You will then be required to rate your overall experience about grocery baggers, price comparison, and how employees responded to your calls. You will also be asked to rate level of satisfaction for cleanliness of store, ease of moving through, sale items on stock, quality of store brands, experience with self-check out and staff on check-out counters, etc. You can earn 50 fuel points for your participation or you can be a lucky winner to win a $5000 Kroger gift card.

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Making alloys even stronger

The purest forms of metals, present over the crust of the earth, rather inside the crust of the earth, can be known as the elements. The smallest part of an element is surely an atom, but as it turns out to be, these purest forms of metal do have something very strange that distinguishes them from the others. However, titanium pipethe modern industries require a combination of these elements so that their characteristics can be blended together and be used in different tasks. And it is not the list of elements that everyone wants to have, but the characteristics that are needed at the very most to assist some common cause.

Therefore, when it comes to the industrialization process, engineers come up with a solution to the type of problem aforementioned. Those with high business prospects do believe in titanium tubing in order to gain a tensile strength to majority of capital goods. Moreover, the same is produced and manufactured using mixture of two or more elements, wherein the characteristics of both are added, and the resultant is known by the term of alloy. titanium pipeAs far as alloys with titanium are concerned, these can be described as the best metals which can be used in industries at large.

More often, titanium is mixed up with steel, to create better qualities of steel, and thereby creating ti tube a better component to be used all the times. The titanium pipe which is used in industries is known to have the best capabilities in terms of strength, durability, anti-corrosiveness and endurance. Titanium piping, as a result is being used in every niche of the industries, thus enabling all manufacturing units to be highly productive on account of the fact that no failure would take place in near times. Hence, alloys are strengthened even more when titanium is added to them.

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How to treat osteoporosis with natural remedies?

Osteoporosis is the condition where the density of your bone will get decreased, which increases the chances of suffering from bone lesions or bone fractures. There are several ways of tratar osteoporose, but try to keep it very natural in the first place without depending too much on the medications.

  • The very first thing that you need to do is get your blood tested because you need to know the reason or the cause which is behind osteoporosis and then you will have to find out the several treatment options that will work for you.tratar osteoporose
  • It is very important to consume organic food and have proper nutrients if you are subjected to osteoporosis. In this way, you will be maintaining an ideal weight along with providing the body with the needed nutrition for developing the bones. So make sure that your bowl contains a lot of leafy greens, seafood, vitamin k along with meats. Meat and seafood are rich in vitamin D. It is very important to consume good quality water in order to keep the bones strong.
  • You will have to get out and soak yourself in the sunshine because this vitamin D is going to make your bones stronger by increasing the amount of calcium absorption in the gut and help in retention in kidneys. Don’t just sunburn yourself, but get the sunshine.tratar osteoporose
  • It is very important to get your energy from the planet by standing or walking barefoot whenever it is possible on the sand or grass, whatever works for you.
  • If you are very active throughout your day then chances of developing osteoporosis are very less. Try to do a lot of yoga and lift the weight.
  • We all are aware of how sleep is important for us and how it helps in rejuvenating the body and the entire process. Make sure you are having 8 to 9 hours of sleep every day in order to naturally combat your osteoporosis condition.

Try to start following these natural ways of healing yourself from the condition of osteoporose.

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History and the present times

History has been proof for what has had happened to the Jewish community over the last two centuries. The remarks of being rotten men, killers of Jesus, rats of society and backward people, have surely disgraced the very creation of Almighty God, who once used to feel proud out of His own creation. IFCJ rating The wars which were fought out of some territorial ambitions saw the then deprived sections of society, such as the Jews themselves, feeling the heat off no cause. The world wars saw their extermination, and as it turns out to be, it was forced to believe that some difference lies between other communists and the communities of the Jews, the results of which can be seen as of today as well.

IFCJ is a pioneer organization in providing socially backward and left off sections of the society, predominantly Jews with whatever they need at the times of emergency. IFCJ ratingFor others do not see Jews as their equals in the society, and therefore, out of their own willingness they never extend a helping hand to them. This makes IFCJ ratings go high simply because of the fact that they help their fellows in the times of need. As it turns out to be, when Jews are discriminated out of some intentions, the prime aim of IFCJ reviews is to include in fellowship those who do need help, and give them whatever they might be wanting. Any disaster causing trouble might give good IFCJ rating as they work hard to give bright prospects to their fellows. And as far as questioning that is IFCJ a good charity is concerned, there is no point as such to doubt it once the help has been asked for. Therefore, history has given a community for the Jews to feel better with and safe with.

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Yechiel Eckstein Who Raised Millions of Dollars Donations Israel Passed Away This Thursday

Eckstein, the president of IFCJ and his notable works

Yechiel Eckstein a U.S born Israeli who founded the non- profit charitable trust IFCJ Eckstein raised more than million dollars contribution from evangelical communities throughout the world for the welfare of Israel by creating a strong between the Jews and Christians.

At the age of 67, Eckstein left the world behind and rested in peace, for which millions of people around the world showed eulogy within hours of his demise.

IFCJ rating

Eckstein left strong remarks on the minds of people; he was prominent in the state of Israel for his contribution towards children, immigrants all over the world, orphans, Holocaust survivors, elderly Jews, victims of wars and suffering jew communities from places like post-soviet states and Ethiopia.

IFCJ reviews and ratings

In IFCJ reviews, the score of IFCJ’s ratings for Accountability & Transparency in their website is 100 out of 100 according to the year of 2018. Every year there are many people who got benefitted from the fellowship which includes aid to clubs and day centres of elders, helping families to become self-dependent, assistance for poor and abused women and single mothers.

IFCJ ratingImparting Education to young adults for various medical emergencies, scholarships and training to youth and threaten children and different minorities in Israel, all this shows us is IFCJ a good charity with IFCJ rating of 3 out of 4.

Eckstein was the leading supporter of religious liberty worldwide. He flew down to China to fight for the freedom of jailed Christian priests. In the year 2005, Eckstein was designated as the goodwill ambassador officially in Israel. Many people condemned Eckstein for his deeds in using Christian money in expanding his charitable trust.

Many of his close people did not have faith in him which led him to form his own operation in bringing jews around the world to their homeland, Israel. Eckstein penned 11 admired books and with music CD’s released nearly four, he was also a well-known Judaism singer.

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The achievements of Roberto Casula: Top Cardiac surgeon in the United Kingdom

Roberto P Casula is one of the top 10 cardiac surgeons in the United Kingdom. He completed his graduation in 1989 and trained in Thoracic surgery and thoracic organ transplantation. He has been working as a cardiac surgeon for over 18 years and has been a visiting surgeon for over 15 years. He has worked with many reputed cardiac centers in Europe. He is working as a professor and a senior cardiac consultant at Imperial college healthcare NHS trust in the United Kingdom. He holds many degrees including FRCS, FETCS, and MD. He is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and is registered with the GMC.

The achievements of Roberto Casula

Roberto Casula

Roberto Casula is the only surgeon in the United Kingdom who has extensive knowledge in robotic cardiac surgery. He took the initiation for starting the robotic cardiac surgical clinical program for the medical students at Imperial College. He helped the students to stay at par with the advancements in the technology. He is the first to successfully complete a transplant surgery of an infant in 1988. He has completed more than 5000 operations successfully. Roberto Casula is the first surgeon to carry out lung, liver and heart transplant in 1996.

Bottom line

Roberto Casula has achieved many milestones in his medical career. He has also published his paper about robotic enhanced and minimal access surgery. He has been carried out many complicated cardiac surgeries successfully. He has been inspiring many medical students with his work who is studying cardiac surgery. He is also the director in St. Mary’s Hospital, Imperial college and Healthcare NHS trust of the cardiac surgeon department. He has performed all types of cardiac surgeries in his experience of 18 years. He is the only surgeon who performs robotic cardiac surgery which benefits the patients in many ways.

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Growth Cannot Ignore Survivors

All across the world, when various movements are prevailing for different causes. IFCJ ratings cannot be ignored at all, since it provides a significant platform to major number of people. So that, they can survive with all their respect and dignity. You cannot think of any development, without the consideration of the groups or communities that are being not taken into account. It can be anyone, who have faced the oppression in the society or in some of the countries. That can be voiced out by the responsible platform of the IFCJ, by their work.

Is IFCJ a good charity, stands positive all the time. As their focus is to provide the maximum possible support and survival to the war and terror survivors, who have been going through the dual trauma of the financial crunch and the physical tortures in their life. It never went easy for the people to sustain in the society, when things are really unbearable. The same fact is evident with the presentation of IFCJ reviews. That cannot be denied, as the works are visible for the sake of the needy old ages and the children facing so many concerns till time.

If you really want to understand the working strategy and the mission of the name, you can simply check the IFCJ rating that would be of great help in your understanding of what was going on around and what all have been done to mark the changes needed instantly. You can easily make out the need, that was required for the orphans and distressed group of children to reach the level of living which is their right and requirement since the beginning. Once you go through the whole journey, things begin to find their way out more clearly and transparently.


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