John Lippmann Has Rich Experience in Acquisitions

Learning acquisitions and how they happen at the corporate level can be quite exciting as well as challenging at times. Anyway, learning this trick can be very beneficial for any new-age professional because mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures are terms that are becoming very familiar these days. Getting a hang of them can land a professional into some really well-deserved roles that can give the needed boost to one career. John Lippman, the current CEO of “Book of the Month” is one professional who also seems to have believed this fact.

John Lippmann

It is evident from the way he has helped in carrying out acquisitions in different roles. These earlier duties can be very helpful for him in his current role as the leader of the pack that he now represents. We look at a previous advisor role and the way that it may have shaped him for the current profile.

  • Access Industries may have provided the edge – John Lippman served as an Advisor in the Access Industries during 2011-2012. The firm is in the music industry and one can get some rich insights into the music world and how it operates on a global scale. The acquisition of Warner Music Group was done for $3.5 billion dollars and a key role was played by the professional in this acquisition. Also, prior to it, he was the Project Manager for another multi-billion dollar acquisition initiative. All these experiences must have been quite refreshing and a good learning curve for the current role.
  • Being in the music industry can be quite rewarding – It can be seen that John Lippman has been there in the music industry for some time and that experience can be quite rewarding for his current role. Mergers and acquisitions in the music industry can be worth learning for any new-age professional. The same learning can also be extended to other areas as well.

There is absolutely no doubt that his rich knowledge in many areas comes in handy for the present organization.

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