Interesting facts unknown about Roberto Casula


Roberto Casula is a renowned cardiothoracic surgery consultant. He has degrees like FRCS, MD and FETCS. He earned his degrees from Medical school and university of Padova.  This college is located in Italy since the year 1989. After getting his degrees from here he began his training in thoracic organs and cardiothoracic surgery thus achieving the degree of a cardiothoracic surgery consultant He holds an important post at the Imperial College and Healthcare NHS trust in London situated at a prime location in United Kingdom. He has been working in this place with the same designation of a cardiothoracic consultant for nearly 10 years. He has a huge experience in this field and has dealt with several critical cases in his past for all these years. He has the entire required license as per the rules set by the concerned legal department in order to carry out his work as a consultant. He maintains all the necessary registration processes that is legal in the state. 4003801 is the G.M.C number of Roberto Casula.roberto casula

Final word

According to the research done by Roberto Casula and the results declared by him the robotic uses in cardiac treatment enhances the procedure of treatment and provide highly satisfactory results. Moreover it does not have many side effects and hence can be used for treatment. roberto casulaHe also says that this type of treatment has ample other benefits for example there is a small scar visible after this treatment, there is very less pain or even no pain experienced in many cases, chances of getting infection affected after an operation is also quite less. He treats a huge number of patients every day and his patients are highly satisfied with the quality of treatment and medical service they receive from him.

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