Good IFCJ Ratings will help the Organization Avoid Negative Publicity

The IFCJ or International Fellowship of Christian and Jews are one of the best charity firms working across the globe which helps in improvement of the condition of the Jews around the world. The fellowship program is the brainchild of Rabbi Epstein who wanted to help his community.

IFCJThe program helps in improving the interrelationship between Christian and Jews. Apart from that, they provide financial assistance to Jewish people who have survived holocaust and needs help. They also have a program dedicated to bringing the Jews from the Soviet Union to Israel. After reading all their achievements if people still have questions like Is IFCJ a good charity or not; measures have been taken to nullify that.

The work done by assessing firms:

The IFCJ reviews provided by different third-party assessment firm states in their report that they are one of the best when it comes to running non-profitable organizations.

The IFCJ rating provided by assessing firms like CIC and BBB spoke highly of their internal structure in place. The funds they generate from various fundraisers are mostly used in different projects they are currently financing. AIFCJ detailed report from CIC stated that sixty-eight cents of every one dollar donation gets used in a good cause.

The reserve of cash they have in their treasury is not sufficient enough to run the program for a long time. The rest remain reserved for organizing fundraisers and paying off wages to their workers. The IFCJ ratings from BBB and Charity Navigator rated them a whopping eighty-one out of one hundred which some people can consider as an excellent rating.

The controversies associated with IFCJ:

In spite of all their excellent work, the fellowship brushed itself with several reports of money laundering scheme though none of those claims were substantial enough to take any actions. The reviews by these assessing firms helped the program’s cause of remaining clean in people’s eye.

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