Economic Support Safeguard Human Rights

Existence Is Essential

According to the idea of the formation of IFCJ, every human being has a right to survive in any condition. No matter what all sources need to be explored, someone has to stand for everyone in the hour of peril and distress. That has offered a way of working, in the direction of the uprising of life for the maximum number of people.

IFCJInitially, no one approved the thought of accepting the donations from the Christian community, however, the movement of the organization forced the people to accept the situation of the war with Russia.

When people were dying and the only way to escape the human existence, from the burning of lives was to shift them at the safe places at the earliest possible. IFCJ not only did the needful through the funds of the organization, raised from various sources of Christians. But also worked in terms of physical presence and the manpower, that sorted out the concern of migrating people to Israel for achieving the safe existence of the effected people. From a distance, the things were unachievable. However, the movements were followed with the high-level dedication of the contributors.IFCJ

Charity Of Donations

IFCJ has become a leading and trusted the source, that can raise the required amount of the donations from the high-end corners of the society. As it has gained the popularity and the appreciation, all across the world within the least time duration. That sorted the concern of finance to a great level, supporting the people who are in need of economic support and aid. The founder of the organization, Rabbi Eckstein along with few other known supporters was able to reach to the level of minimum standards of living for everyone escaped to live a basic life.

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