Are Book Clubs on Verge of Extinction?

Books were deemed the best ally of people in the past in leisure time. The offered fun and knowledge to people; the enthusiastic readers derived lot of advantaged by reading books on their favorite and other informative topics. The scenario has much changed in the later part of last century; most changes came in effect in 1990s after advent of internet technology that initiated the process of extinction of physical existence of books.

What happened to tradition of book reading?

Why books are in the process of extinction? Why books clubs have sorry state of affairs? These questions are answered by online technology. Modern generation doesn’t take interest in going to book clubs and libraries to read books, but believes in reading of e-books. This has caused setback to legend of book clubs. The example is Book of the Month Club which was reader’s paradise sometimes back, but people like John Lippmann are trying to keep tradition of book club alive through their earnest efforts.

Relaunch of Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month Club is traditionally serving book lovers for the past 93 years, and seen ups and down, especially setback due to online technology, but appointment of Blake Orlandi as its COO in September 2015 and support of its CEO John Lippmann has contributed to its revival plan. The relaunch of Book of the Month Club in 2015 proved to be a successful attempt, though much is yet to be achieved.

Future of Book of the Month Club

The scenario of book clubs has entirely changed, but John Lippman is positive about success of the Club. The entire Book of the Month Club team is dedicated and Book of the Month peers are confident of success. The legend has changed, but future sees a ray of hope ahead that will help the survival of Book of the Month Club because there are still many readers who enjoy by reading of physical books.

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