Celebration of Class Ring Event by TCU & Its Alumni

Founded in the year 1873 by the Clark brothers, the Texas Christian University became the first private, co-educational, Christian-based university in Fort Worth, Texas to offer higher education to the students. The co-educational institution initiated a new environment where students, regardless of gender, could make better understanding with one another. There was no gender bias as males and females were getting education on the single platform. TCU class ringThe university made ample progress in the given environment and started its own tradition for graduating students.

Why TCU students wait for ring ceremony

One of the best things to come up in the University was its alumni and commencement of ceremony to honor the graduating students with class ring. Gradually, TCU class ring became popular over the years. The graduating students always have exam worries, but thinking about this event refreshes their brain. Everyone awaits the ring ceremony celebrated by the university for the graduating students without charging money from them. The university organizes late night breakfast and dance party for the students, and also collaborates with the Texas Christian University Alumni Association to make arrangement for the celebration.

How TCU ring ceremony is celebrated

The rings are symbolic and traditional, and ordered well before the event. The students are also given opportunity to customize their ring using ring enhancers such as ring wraps. The ring ceremony is held each year before the final exams and the parents of the graduating students are also invited to attend the celebration along with the student. This event where juniors accept their ring from the chancellor serves as a rite of passage into their senior year. For incoming freshmen, a keychain with a replica of the ring is handed during Howdy Week. This helps them focus on what they will earn after few years of diligence. The ring is a classic icon by wearing which a student identifies himself as a true TCU Horned Frog.

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