What are the conditions and Requirements for an ETA VISA?

When it comes to searching online for ‘visa Australia, you should find that it is a lot easier to apply for an ETA visa rather than the traditional visa. Simply put, if you happen to reside on one of the 50 designated visa exempt nations, then you should be able to apply for an ETA visa to Australia. But there are certain conditions and requirements that visa australiayou would be required to meet prior to applying for an ETA. The first requirement is that your current passport is valid, and authentic. The next one is that you must not be a criminal; naturally and for obvious reasons. And of course you must not be sick or carry an infectious disease, when you travel to Australia.

What are the conditions of an ETA visa?

An ETA visa is a multiple entry electronic visa that is linked automatically to your passport and one that you can use to visit Australia, multiple times during the tenure of this visa (12 months). Certain conditions apply – and you would be required to familiarize yourself with most of them, starting with the fact that you cannot seek long term employment when visiting down under. Furthermore, if you plan to study or take a short term course then the course itself cannot extend beyond 3 months. You must not be infected by Tuberculosis and furthermore, you can visa australiaparticipate in business related activities but cannot legally work in Australia.


If your ETA is about to expire, then you can apply for a new one. And since you are allowed to stay on for three months post your ETA expiry, this should give you enough time to apply for and obtain a fresh ETA. But please remember that if you replace your passport after your visa has been approved, you would need to apply again with your new passport.

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