Putting an end to HIV Epidemics in Black Community

Black accounts for the major proportion of HIV Epidemics in comparison through the world. Since the disease was diagnosed, the blacks and the African American are found to be affected with the life-killing infections and the percentage have increased considerably over time.

frocentric.comA population study in the field of healthcare states, although black constitute of the minority population say about 12% of the entire American population yet 43% out of the 12% accounts for this disease and the death among the people infected with HIV is pretty larger when compared to other ethnic groups. Of those, only 85% of the population is aware about the disease.

In order to bring more awareness to HIV infections and AIDS, many organizations like Frocentric.com conduct events and awareness programs to offer support for those living with the disease and educate the disease affected society by trying to prevent transmission of the disease. Clinical studies show that 73% of men and 26% of women are diagnosed with this infection. In addition, 60% are gay or bisexual who are carrying this disease.

Apparently, through awareness programs, the new diagnoses have decreased nationally overall and if it continues, the country can witness the steady decrease in the percentage of HIV patients. Although, many tools have beenfrocentric.com invented to reverse the epidemic yet it requires more improvement for its deployment. In fact, clinical testing is an effective approach to diagnose and prevent further transmission of the disease.

These tests are going to take only a few minutes however proper propaganda and advertising should be carried across the streets to make the minority realize the importance of these tests.  Since 90% of the disease is carried forward through transmissions, diagnosing at the early stage can prevent spreading and limit this count.

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