The potential of East and West Africa according to Roberto Casula

Roberto Casula was born in a small place of Cagliari which is situated in Italy in the year 1962. He is a mining engineering graduate and went to the University of Cagliari. He is currently working as the Chief Development, Operations, and Technology Officer of Eni and leading more than 3000 people in the headquarters.

Roberto CasulaAll about the Oil and Money Conference held in 2013

The Oil and money conference is basically the meeting arranged by the International Herald Tribune and the Energy Intelligence. This meeting is held every year to discuss the various ways that can be employed to explore the various parts of East Africa and West Africa.

According to the statement of Roberto Casula, the people of Eni are trying to reach out to the Far East market of Japan, India, and China. He believes that East Africa has a lot of advantage in terms of transportation. He also stated that the East African projects are less complex in comparison to the various projects held in Australia.

He also added that from the year 2018 onwards more volumes of LNG shall be assigned to the various markets of the Eastern part. This is the result of the conversations that they had with the various potential buyers from the Eastern Roberto Casulamarket. This is surely a very positive side.

East Africa and West Africa has got a good deal of opportunities

Roberto Casula believes that the various important discoveries that are taking place in West Africa should be taken seriously. The conditions of the place are changing at a good pace and for various good reasons.

He thinks that West Africa can serve as an oil hub and East Africa can serve as a center for gas. He believes that both East and West Africa can be beneficial for the business of Eni.

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Is Investment in Titanium Really Worthful?

Titanium is one of the abundantly available natural elements in the earth’s crust and it is expensive too on a per weight basis relative to iron. We usually compare it with iron or steel due to its applicability. Titanium has replaced steel in most applications. Steel was the core metal used in most heavy applications for last many decades, but exploration of excellent properties of titanium has shifted the focus of many industries from steel to titanium.

titanium pipingThe extraction of titanium from its ore is as expensive as gold, but the applicability of titanium is much more than gold metal. Gold is precious in terms of market value, but titanium is precious in terms of its applicability.

Titanium is expensive than steel but most used

The issue here is not to compare steel, titanium and gold for price value, but to view the possibility of putting a metal into more worthful applications. The industries need to depend on metals, previously steel mainly, for their equipment, expensive compared to steel. The comparison ends here when industry can make best use of titanium; initial cost of titanium can be set off against future maintenance costs; and unique properties of titanium can provide its best value till the time of life of an equipment. These factors are important and considerable for every industry.titanium piping

Investment in titanium is really worthful

In the present time when every industry thinks of cost-cut, both short-term and long-term costs are important. Titanium use is best for long-tern cost saving and for the industry that use titanium piping, this is rather more important. The experts have created various grades of titanium; each grade fits certain applications; and grades can appropriately be used for long-term cost savings. The business owners think one-step ahead of an average individual and they don’t mind to invest in this expensive material when they understand that titanium piping has real worth for many years to come when they’ll be using equipment.

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IFCJ reviews- a true insight into the world affairs

Rabbi Eckstein was a true hero. It was because of him that the IFCJ was formed. He understood the importance of the relationship of the Christians and the Jews and wanted to bridge the gap. Through years he observed the difference and then came up with an idea of the formation of the IFCJ. IFCJ reviewsIFCJ catered to the needs of all. Extended hands to the help of the people in need. From the Christians to the Jews, everyone was helped by them. Rabbi understood that it was necessary for the people to work hand in hand and in that IFCJ helped a lot.

The work of the IFCJ was widespread and hence the IFCJ reviews were also popular. It was then that the funding was also increased and the organisation found the best results. The people who were benefitted by the IFCJ came up to them later and gave their views. The IFCJ reviews were made popular in the respect of the people. IFCJ in reality helped a lot of people and the international recognition that it gained was truly noteworthy. IFCJ reviewsThe man behind all these though expired, yet the flame of the thought has not. They still try to serve the people.

The views and the ideologies of the IFCJ has reached all zenith. The organisation has been of a help to many. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein taught everyone to work as a team and never look back. He was the actual lamp in the lives of many. He helped a lot of people and in turn they too helped him to establish the IFCJ. Any person in distress can actually come to ask for help at IFCJ and they will be more than glad to help. The IFCJ reviews are true and accurate. Anybody can believe on it at one go.

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