Having Right Balance Is important For Sustainable Energy – Roberto casula

The MIT Initiatives is the core part of MIT for education, energy research, and outreach. In words of Roberto casula these three pillars are helping MIT in developing technologies and in find solutions that will provide affordable, clean and ample sources of the energy. Its mission is to create no and low carbon solutions that can efficiently and continuously meet the global energy requirements without affecting the environment, significantly reducing greenhouse gas secretion as well as extenuating climate changes. One of the major question is how to save the natural energy sources, is innovation can help in this? Let’s get a bit deeper into the whole concept and look for a few answers.

Can innovation bring any change to the oil and gas industry?

Roberto Casula

These days, a lot of people are curious to know whether innovative methods and approaches can bring any changes in the oil and gas industry. The answer is yes. Even though the oil and gas industry is considered to be conservative in order to balance the requirements and wishes of several stakeholders the innovative approaches are being introduced. Now this industry has started rethinking about their methods as the world deserves and demands access to more sustainable and cleaner energy.

Need to produce more

Everyone is well aware of the fact the society is moved by the energy and wants it more than ever. The uses of energy are more than ever, hence it is needed to be produced from more assorted but balancing rang of sources. Now it is not about to discover, produce, export and consume. In view of Roberto casula eni the global engagement is required in order to ensure the continuation of the resources. This is without any doubt much easier saying than doing. However, the most challenging thing for the whole world and the energy industry is to have a perfect balance.

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