Some Amazing Uses of Titanium Tube

The alloy of titanium is mostly used and the majority of titanium that is used is mixed with steel to make alloys. The titanium is added to many metals because it helps to increase strength and makes the metal resistant to corrosion. Titanium also makes the alloy light. So when the titanium is mixed with steel it will weigh less than using the same amount of steel.

Characteristic of titanium tubing

The titanium is used because it is resistant to chemicals and thisis way above the stainless steel grade. Themetal is of high strength and resistant to corrosion and the high strength to weight ratio of titanium makes it useful for many applications.

The small diametertubes are used in the automobile industry and these are also used in medical applications. The titanium tube is thin andis used in manyanalyticalinstruments as well. These find uses in chromatography and many such applications where the tube is required to resist any repeated exposure and it is necessary thatit does not react with any substance or chemical.

Titanium tube is used in medical devices

Another important use of titanium tubing in medical device is because it is biocompatible. This means that the human body is able to tolerate titanium and also because it is non-magnetic in nature. This is very important because of its use in MRI or magnetic resonance imaging which is important in medical diagnosis. The titanium is compatible to be used in the human body and the metal is suitable for MRI because even if it is slightly magnetic then it could pose a danger. Else it could happen that in a test that is meant to be not invasive the test could actually rip off the metal device rom the body.

This is why titanium finds a lot of use here.

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